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Wrap Around Labelling Machine

Wrap Around Labelling Machine

Machine Specification:

Machine Size: 920~1000 mm(W)×1200 mm(H)×2000 mm(L)

Main Frame: SUS304 Stainless steel with anodizing treatment

Conveyor Size: 6” (152.4 mm)

Conveyor Style: Wear-Resistant Plastic Slat Belt

Feeding Direction: Left in /Right in

Labeling Speed: Normal Round Bottle: 60~80 bottles per minute

Label Size: H: 20~240 mm x L:20~250mm

Object Size: H: 20~280 mm x D:20~150mm

Sticker Roll Size: O/D: 350 mm;I/D: 75mm

Accuracy: ±1.0 mm (depends on the objects)

Control System: CPU Micro Chip 20 sets memory module

Operation Panel: 7” HMI Color Touching Screen

Object Sensor: Germany SICK,sense the object length and position automatically

Label Sensor: Germany SICK,sense the label length and peeling length automatically

Power Source: 220V 1.5KW 6A 50/60HZ