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Semi Automatic Shrink Wrapper


• Welding system in a continuous cycle
• Pack deviation
• Recovery of scrap
• PTFE coated sealing blade
• Cooling system with closed liquid circuit for the Sealing bar
• Level viewer of the cooling liquid
• Work plans of the welding machine and the outside of the tunnel adjustable by hand wheel
• Emergency button
• Automatic pack discharge by means of motorized belt
• Control system equipped with:
◦ alphanumeric LCD control panel with 16-bit microprocessor card and solid state relays
◦ modular power section, separated from the control panel and characterized by:
• Solid state relay of durability and easy maintenance
• In case of failure, possibility of replacing just the damaged module, without losing the data stored in memory
• This system allows a simple and precise control of all the machine operations, such as:
◦ State machine
◦ Number of packs produced by an electronic counter
◦ Instantaneous production
◦ Adjustment of the sealing temperature
◦ Output speed of the pack
◦ “Auto click” the ability to set from the electronic card production speed by adjusting the timing of opening and closing of
the sealing arm
◦ Delay in the opening of the sealing arm
◦ Ability to store up to 6 different work cycles, thus resulting in increased productivity and simplified use
◦ Troubleshooting
• Machine on wheels
• Reduced energy consumption
• Compliance with CE regulations

• Supply voltage: 220 V to 240 V; 1PH-N-PE 50 / 60Hz.
• Maximum power: 2500 W.
• Dimensions of welding: 560 x 430 mm.
• Max height of product: 230 mm.
• Production: 600-1200 p. / H.
• Maximum size of coil: Ø 300 x 600 mm.
• Machine dimensions : 2020 mm x 790 x 1055h.
• Suggested exercise temperature from 8 ° C to 40 °C


A control system equipped with a microprocessor for the management of the tunnel and the power section with
separate contactors. LCD panel
Functions including:
a) Storing max. 10 working cycles
b) Temperature regulation by microprocessor.
c) Adjusting the belt speed by microprocessor.
Conveyor belt with silicon wheels rotary / fixed. Adjusting the air flow in the tunnel differentiated and adjustable by
means of independent deflectors placed outbound from the heat-shrinking chamber. Cooling system.
Compliance with CE regulations.


Power supply 380-415 V 3PH N PE 50/60 HZ
Electric power 8000 W
Product’s dimension MAX width 400 mm x height 200 mm
Working plane 815 mm
Overall dimensions 1310 mm x 835 mm x h 1440 /- 100 mm
Net weight 187 kg
Recommended environment between 8°C and 40°C 70% moisture
Ral Yellow 1003 – Grey 9006