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Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine


• Equipped with a continuous cycle welding system
• Device for approaching standard belts
• CENTER-SEAL motorized system that allows to always weld the pack in the middle.
• Teflon-treated sealing blade
• Control system features:
controlled by an alphanumeric color LCD panel, with a microprocessor board
• Power section features:
◦ power board
◦ inverter with independent supply
◦ INPUT / OUTPUT control systems
• The machine mod. HAMMER 800 CS includes the following features:
◦ max. memorization 20 recipes
◦ automatic height control for bars
◦ the temperature of the longitudinal and transverse sealing bars is managed separately from the LCD panel.
◦ single pack or multi pack
◦ speed conveyor belts adjustable from the LCD panel
◦ welding time management
◦ Production control:
◦ machine performance
◦ check package length
◦ checks for abnormal packaging
◦ piece counter
◦ productive average
• Consumable materials: PE (OPTIONAL polythene) Polyolefin
• Reduced energy consumption
• Conformity with EC regulations


Power supply 400 V 3PH N PE 50/60 HZ
Electric power 3700 W
Compressed air supply 6 bar
Air compressed 8,5 Nl/p
Welding bar dimension 840 x 710 mm
Height of the product Max 250 mm
Speed conveyor belt 10-30 m/min
Productivity Max 35 pz/min
Reel features Fascia max 850 mm – diam. 350 mm
Overall dimensions 2630 x 1895 x 1625 mm
Weight Kg 870


• A control system equipped with a microprocessor for the management of the tunnel and the power section with separate contactors.
• LCD panel
• Functions including:
◦ Storing max. 10 working cycles
◦ Temperature regulation by microprocessor.
◦ Adjusting the belt speed by microprocessor.
• Conveyor belt with flat belt
• Adjusting the airflow in the tunnel differentiated and adjustable by means of independent deflectors placed
outbound from the heat-shrinking chamber.
• Cooling system
• Compliance with CE regulations.

Technical specifications

Power supply 380-415 V 3PH N PE 50/60 HZ
Electric power 15800 W
Product’s dimension MAX height 300mm
Working plane H 815 mm
Conveyor belt speed 2,8-18,8 m/min
Overall dimensions 1910 mm x 1045 mm x h 1565 mm
Net weight 380 kg

Recommended environment between 8°C and 40°C temperature and 70% moisture

Ral Yellow 1003 – Grey 9006




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